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1. We are a specialist IT recruitment agency in Milton Keynes. Our constantly changing database includes the best candidates from: Software Engineering, Analysis and Design, Business Analysis, Technical Support, Project Management and Management Consultancy. We will even find candidates with rare skills such as Navision, Python, Corba, Silverstream, Progress and VX Works.

2. Our clients include various large/multinational IT companies. We can also work as preferred suppliers and sole suppliers to end user IT companies. We work with each company on an individual basis as each have their own process for selecting preferred suppliers, often including questionnaires, face-to-face meeting and presentations.

3. The initial definition for an assignment can be given by telephone or as a written job specification. Much of the initial definition will usually come from the recruiting manager and will then be refined by HR. During the recruitment for each role we will provide feedback on current progress, candidate availability, expected salaries and the prevailing market conditions. We can work together to revise criteria if needed, ensuring the timely recruitment of a suitable candidate.

4. Focus IT Recruitment offer CV gathering, screening, and short listing initially. Most customers prefer to conduct first interviews on their premises; alternatively we can assist in finding a suitable location. Focus IT Recruitment undertake any head hunting (search and selection) projects, and will not make unsolicited calls to your employees.

5. Focus IT Recruitment will usually employ telephone screening and thorough briefing prior to forwarding a CV and suitability report. We will provide feedback to the candidate at all stages of the recruitment process, and arrange interviews as required. Following an interview, we will liaise closely with both the employer and candidate, offering the greatest chance of bringing any offer to a successful conclusion.

6. The time between a CV being sent to us, the candidate being screened / briefed, and delivered is typically less than 24 hours. Requests for interviews are treated as priority, the time scale on arranging interviews depends largely on the candidate involved, but usually less than 24 hours. Feedback on job offers made follows this closely. The speed of response of CVs submitted is critical to the success of a recruitment cycle. We utilise e-mail and fax wherever possible to speed up this process. We also encourage clients to respond as quickly as possible to ensure that they have the opportunity to interview the best candidates.

7. We have a successful system of Direct Quality Contact. A random selection of customers are contacted by a senior member of the sales team, their opinions and criticisms are discussed and noted. This feedback is then collated and presented to the account manager as part of their on going assessment. Your company may have already been able to help us in this area. Our fees relate to the objective metric of success rather than the subjective matter of satisfaction. This provides a simple scale of fees to administer, allowing us to focus on recruitment.

8. Our internal performance metric for a brief assessed by the successful recruitment of the best available candidate. In addition the ratio of submitted CVs per interview, offer and placement is also measured.

9. Individual account managers and teams are targeted to reach a certain levels of sales per month, account managers are also assessed on the quality of the service they provide to their customers.

10. Prompt feedback on CVs and interviews are essential for a smooth and efficient recruitment process. This allows our recruitment agency to keep costs and fees to a minimum.

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