How To Use Web 2.0 For Recruitment

Last week we were asked by one of our candidates, if we could answer some questions about the use of web 2.0 technology in recruitment – which companies do it, and to what success? It’s an interesting issue, not least because traditionally the recruitment industry have been very slow to adopt new media, and often guilty of misusing it where they have embraced technology. But working alongside our sister company, I know there is potential for social media to fundamentally improve the way recruitment companies and employers engage with their candidates.

So first, which companies in the recruitment industry have been the early adopters of web 2.0 technology? There’s three obvious examples that come to mind that demonstrate the good and the bad of companies entering this space.

The key question is really what should a company do to ensure they use web 2.0 technology to enhance their employer brand and the candidate experience? We advise our clients to be very aware of the boundary between social and professional platforms – particularly when it comes to using social media. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for putting professional contacts in touch. It explicitly asks you what you are using the network for, with career opportunities one of the options. Using Facebook to approach new audiences, on the other hand, risks blurring the line between a person’s public and private persona. When I apply for a job, I would happily show the recruiter my CV. However, I wouldn’t want them to see my holiday snaps. Twitter gives a mixture of both. Best part is, we can chose how we want to present ourselves – personal or professional.

In terms of the other risks, some companies do fear that by engaging with social media, they risk losing control of their employer brand – through user comments and reviews on forums, blogs and networks. You can either engage in that debate, or ignore it. But if you’re looking for control, I know which option I would take.

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