How To Write A Winning CV

When writing a CV for a job, there are many things to consider. One such consideration is how long should it be. Most people say two pages while some say one. Others set no limit at all. According to popular wisdom, the reason for keeping a CV short is that a long one will not be read from beginning to end. There is some truth in this. However, if you want your CV to be read there are more important considerations than its length.

A CV stands a much better chance of being read if it is relevant to the job. The person that you send your application to is looking for an applicant with specific skills and experience. If your CV looks as if you will meet the criteria then it will be read. If however it is immediately apparent you do not fit the bill, irrespective of how short it is, your CV will be discarded. So the first thing to do is to target your CV to the job you are applying for. Read the job description and personal specification carefully. Make sure your CV explains why you are the right candidate. You will probably have to refocus your CV for every job you apply for. It’s worth it, if it gets you the job.

The other important thing is to make your CV interesting. You may have all the skills and experience for the job but you still need to motivate the reader to pay attention to what you are saying. The chances are that yours will not be the only relevant CV to cross their desk. So why should they pay more attention to yours than any other? The key to making a CV interesting lies in the first paragraph, your profile. If you can summarise yourself in two or three short sentences that make you sound like a person worth meeting. This way your CV has a much greater chance of being read in full.

Your profile should summarise your career and achievements to date. It should do so without using descriptions that can apply to anyone, like ‘hard working’ or ‘enthusiastic’. It should not include a statement about your career objective; save that for the job interview. Whatever you write in your profile should be backed up by evidence later in your CV. Writing a profile is an art; it needs careful thought. You will probably have to go through several drafts before you are happy with it. It is worth taking time over. It may be the most important paragraph you ever write.

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