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Interview Questions And Interview Techniques

At Focus IT Recruitment, we are just as passionate about looking after our candidates as we are about the employers. I have put together some good and useful interview questions and interview techniques, which I hope you will find useful when attending an interview. Focus IT Recruitment Interview Questions Practice the Basics (energy, passion, drive, money, [...]

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How The Recruitment Industry Is Changing

Ten years ago the Internet was the most threatening issue on the recruitment agencies’ horizon. The fear was that the Internet would change the recruitment industry for good and recruitment agencies would die. What happened was that there was a marginal change to the industry. Recruiters used the Internet as a platform for their trading. Candidates were [...]

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Permanent Recruitment On The Rise

An interesting article I was reading the other day and thought I should share this with you: “Report on Jobs published recently by the REC and KPMG shows that the number of people placed in new jobs by recruitment consultancies continued to increase in August. The latest data signalled a further moderation in growth of [...]

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Discounted 15% Flat Fee Rate For All New Business

Focus IT Recruitment is currently offering a discounted 15% flat fee rate for all new business, along with our FREE REPLACEMENT SCHEME. This basically means that if you take on a candidate from Focus IT Recruitment and they leave within the first 3 months of employment (for what ever reason) then we will replace the candidate [...]

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